Creating a GOAT ID
It's easy to register a GOAT ID. Simply log into your GOAT game, head to game settings, and click the 'GOAT ID' icon to get started. You can create a GOAT ID in any GOAT game or in any game we're partnered with.
Keep your game progress with GOAT ID
Whether you're returning to a game or moving your progress to a new device, GOAT ID safely stores your game progress and character. Plus, with GOAT ID, you can sync your game progress across all your devices - be it a phone, tablet, or PC.
Link your GOAT ID to manage all game progress
Create a GOAT ID in any game and use it to link multiple GOAT or partnered games. This way, you can easily manage all your game progress with one GOAT ID.
Switch game accounts easily with GOAT ID
With GOAT ID, you can swap game progress in the same GOAT game on one device with ease. Start a new adventure or share your fun, all made simple with GOAT ID.
Claim game benefits with your GOAT ID
Get access to loads of game gifts at the GOAT User Centre. Just click the 'GOAT ID' icon in the game settings, choose your game, and collect gift packages for your character.